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tifata #01 palazzo maddaloni napoli
audio : tricatiempo live concert
video+set : davide di franco
music inspires images and a generative cutting inspires (and louds) the musicians

horror concept

then a huge neuron invades the ancient rooms and starts pulsing

tech specs
audio: 4 musicians>drums+vibes+bass+guitar > 4 line out > mixer
video: audio mixer>pc soundcard in>processing>vga out>8 output video splitter> 6 vga monitor + 2 projectors
set: 10 red lightspots, 100
meters (2 hanks) of plastic corrugated red tubes, a big pvc sphere at the head of the set

top view scheme

the pulse


Soul Sketches Live a/v @Lanificio 25 Napoli from Davide Di Franco on Vimeo.

02 04 2010

Live @ http://www.cra.na.it/

Audio: Spiritual Compromise http://thespiritualcompromise.bandcamp.com/ meet Anto Vitale http://www.myspace.com/antovitale

Video: me -- audio-reactive 3D giddiness

live visual take ----- no human action ----- the song is 'huge return' by spiritual compromise -----

live programming by me using vvvv.org ----- used 11 pictures shot by a huge guy:

http://www.thehuge.it/ ----- band website: http://thespiritualcompromise.bandcamp.com/album/closer-believers

The Rospo grooves consists in a NO FOOTAGE VJ PERFORMANCE.
NO LOOP are used.
I use to record, with my DV camera, fragments of the transformations that an ordinary environment continuously shows. Then these recordings are played (live or by tape) by my dv camera, then filtered by the Rospo audio reactive mode.

rospo grooves from Davide Di Franco on Vimeo.