WhoMadeMyLastPoetry - Where we came from (Feat. Shinii) Official Video

made with vvvv MRE (real-time take, no post production)

release notes:
[SRLTD002] WhoMadeMyLastPoetry - Where we came from / Concept Album

Lascìmo (Reaktor's Mod Original Mix) 03:54 
Where we came from (Feat. Shinii) 04:34 
Cigoglio (Reaktor's Mod Original Mix) 04:18 
8 November (Original Mix) 01:54 
Per non svegliare i draghi addormentati (Feat. Marco D'Agostin) 19:39 
Si! Mo Sale (Reaktor's Mod Original Mix) 04:58 
Bracer001 (Sub Therapy) 05:05

We are slaves of a word which controls us according to its interests. WMMLP wants to break all the patterns imposed by this word. This trip leads the listener towards a new, unique experience, which is also full of unforeseeable events and emotions. If you don't feel like discovering and learning, you can't understand. It's an odd matter that a single sound can make us free. Every piece of work aims to immobilize, sometime to excite, to catch or to enrapture the listener in a cosmic surreal dimension.

Unintended mistakes and blunders symbolize mankind, the originality of its inexactitude, which makes man different from machine. "Where we came from" surrounds you with a strong, asphyxiating sensation of dismay and loose of the sense of primordial belonging.

In this work also the mastering process must be thought as a link in the productive chain more than usual, the tracks are not pushed to get the useless loud, the mastering process, in this case, is an emphasizing of details and atmospheres but above all is respect of the dynamics, the heart of a work like this.

Release date: Oct 28th, 2012
Buy on Bandcamp: http://www.soluxionrecordslimited.bandcamp.com


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