interactive audio-video performace/installation

Here's an ecological tool to improve human mood in this world of numbers.
Telesystem re-uses the digital informations (just bytes) and convert them into audio-visual compositions (lots of feelings).
Telesystem produces sounds compositions from images analysis.

The images read by the system are pictures shot in real-time made by all the not too slow and not too fast movements. The pictures can be shot in 8 different areas of the screen, where the movement is not too slow and not too fast. The bytes of png files just saved(placed in the corresponding screen slice) are translated into notes (256 ascii possibilities>>128 midi possibilities) and read by a 8 glitch audio tracks in a 16 steps sequencer.

BELOW: the performance/installation, where the performer or the visitor plays with his delayed images and audio sequences. Ideally the installation would need about 16 sqm.

Hardware needed

  • 1 video projector (VGA input), 1 vga cable, 1 white screen or 1 lcd monitor

  • 1 audio amplifier, 2 speakers (got into proportion with the space)

Software used:

Hardware brought:
  • 1 Laptop

  • 1 Dv camera



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